Just Jerky Original Garlic & Pepper 50g


Just Jerky Original Garlic & Pepper 50g


Featuring the very best handpicked ingredients, Just Jerky?s ORIGINAL beef jerky is bursting with the bold flavors of allspice, garlic, soy and rice wine vinegar. Rich in taste and boasting an irresistibly perfect texture, Just Jerky ORIGINAL is the complete high protein snack for to share with the family or add to any meal.

Also available in 25g packet

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An authentic beef jerky snack made from the primest cuts of Australia?s finest beef and marinated in a delicious blend of pure spices and natural sauces to ensure a tasty and tender jerky experience in every bite.

Only the finest premium grass-fed Aussie beef is used to make Just Jerky.

No MSG, No preservatives & No additives. Just Jerky?s beef jerky is as natural as the flowers in your garden.

Sustainability, cattle are only grass-fed. This allows us to improve Just Jerky?s footprint.

Just Jerky is cooked for 48 hours at 40 degrees to ensure the flavours are locked in and all amino acids, proteins, and natural goodies are kept intact.

Supporting local, we?re helping keep Australians in jobs and supporting local communities.

Protein ? Protein helps sustain your energy levels for longer and give you the fuel to do the things you want to do. It?s good for your heart, liver, muscles and is required for maximum bodily function. Just Jerky?s beef jerky provides as much as 100% more protein than a standard protein bar. Fancy that!

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